Leadership Training Program Credits

LTP Credits

Click the link below to view LTP credits as of 12.09.2020. Credits are for 2020, total credits are listed from the day you became a LTP member.

2020 LTP Credits

Levels of Achievement:
Innovator Award: 30 Credits
Visionary Award: 30 Credits (60 total)
Leader Award: 40 Credits (100 total)
110% Award: 100 Credits (200 total)

Congratulations to the 2020 Leadership Training Program Award Winners!
Those listed below will be recognized at the 2020 Spring Workshop at the Ramkota Hotel and Conference Center in Bismarck on April 14-15, 2020.

110% have completed 200 hours of LTP training.
Monte Erhardt, Hazen
RoxAnne Hoffarth, Langdon
Avis Richter, Valley City
Jennifer Titus, Powers Lake

Leaders have completed 100 hours of LTP training.
Gwen Crawford, Lisbon
Becky Dunker, Casselton
Desiree Hanson, Tioga
Jonathan Harter, Steele
Judy Pfeifer, Strasburg

Visionaries have completed 60 hours of LTP training.
Brenda Dohn, Wishek
Casey Eggermont, Harwood
Travis Frey, Beulah
Jennifer Gast, Carrington
McKinzie Jensen, Kenmare
Darla Knutson, Beulah
Christine Olson, Cooperstown
Peni Peterson, Watford City
Sharon Toy, Drake

Innovators have completed 30 hours of LTP training.
Evan Anderson, Casselton
Tabitha Arnaud, Kindred
Kim Azure, Rolete
Tom Barry, Minot
Julie Cole, Lisbon
Bren D'Angelo, Williston
Mary Liz Davis, Velva
Travis Frey, Beulah
Julie Hein, Wing
Grant Johnson, Kenmare
Marci Johnson, Finley
Sherie Lundmark, Grand Forks
Terry Macdonald, Hazelton
Ronica Pederson, Tioga
Luca Reski, Steele
Abby Salinas, Tioga
Jennifer Soli, Velva
Becky Tebby, Benedict

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