Leadership Training Program Credits

LTP Credits

Click the link below to view LTP credits as of 01.09.2020. Credits are listed for 2019 and 2020, total credits are listed from the day you became a LTP member.

2019 LTP Credits

Levels of Achievement:
Innovator Award: 30 Credits
Visionary Award: 30 Credits (60 total)
Leader Award: 40 Credits (100 total)
110% Award: 100 Credits (200 total)

Congratulations to the 2019 Leadership Training Program Award Winners!
Those listed below will be recognized at March Madness 2019 at the Ramkota Hotel and Conference Center in Bismarck.

110% have completed 200 hours of LTP training.
Dwight Flygare, Kenmare
Mary Hinschberger, Mapleton
Sheila Klevgard, Casselton
Dawn Marquardt, Bismarck

Leaders have completed 100 hours of LTP training.

Jeanine Kabanuk, Burlington
Jason Strand, Surrey

Visionaries have completed 60 hours of LTP training.
Kristina Dick, Lisbon
Fay Horn, Garrison
Christopher Lipsh, Grafton
Sherry Schmidt, Flasher
Carol Siegert, Hunter
Jennifer Stewart, Rugby

Innovators have completed 30 hours of LTP training.

Ada Arneson, Stanley
Melissa Davis, New Salem
Casey Eggermont, Harwood
Jennifer Gast, Carrington
Lisa Hall, Pembina
Christine Olson, Cooperstown
Sonya Schumacher, Strasburg
Brenda Soelberg-Dohn, Wishek
John Tczap, Medora

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