Random Drug & Alcohol Testing

Random Drug and Alcohol Testing Program

Does your city participate in a random drug and alcohol testing program for your employees? Is your employee pool too small to accommodate a confidential unbiased drug and alcohol testing program? The North Dakota League of Cities Random Drug and Alcohol Testing Program may fit your needs. Here’s how the program works:

  • The city contacts the medical testing provider and asks to be included in the North Dakota League of Cities random drug and alcohol testing program. The current medical testing provider is Preble Medical Services, Inc. of Mandan; 701 663-6021.
  • The city provides Preble Medical Services with a list of employees to include in the random testing pool.
  • Preble Medical Services provides the League with the number (no names) of individuals for each participating city.
  • The League charges each participating city an annual flat rate of $60 for each of their employees included in the random testing pool. The fee includes: collection, lab/medical review officer testing & reporting, random selections, maintenance of random pool, annual statistical reports and administrative fees.
  • Random selections are computer generated. Drug tests are 50% of employees drawn annually. Alcohol tests are 10% of employees drawn annually.
  • Preble Medical Services charges the League for each test performed.

The program meets the requirements of 49CFR (Code of Federal Regulations) 40, 199, 382, 391 and 395. The service provided by Preble Medical is confidential. All records and results are housed in-office and are accessed by no more than three (3) Preble Medical employees. Reporting is done by email, fax, telephone or mail. Negative records are kept for two years and positives are kept for five years. Department of Transportation (DOT) test results are reviewed by a certified MRO (next paragraph) located out of state to help insure confidentiality.

The Medical Review Officer (MRO) is in North Carolina and has training in substance abuse and will review results and recommend action consistent with all federal regulations.

The Specimen Testing Lab, located in Minnesota, meets all federal requirements and is certified by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Service Administration (SAMHSA). All drug screens are performed by immunoassay and all positives confirmed by GC/MS. Only DOT authorized devices are used to perform alcohol testing.

Preble Medical Services, Inc. offers on-site/mobile collections throughout the state. Properly trained collectors make a difference in reducing possible liability and Preble’s collectors are trained using the US Department of Health and Human Services “mandatory guidelines for Federal Workplace Drug and Alcohol Testing Programs.”

The North Dakota League of Cities Random Drug and Alcohol Testing Program does not include pre-employment or reasonable suspicion testing.

For more information or to enroll your city in the program contact Carissa Richter at 701-223-3518 or carissa@ndlc.org.