About the League

The North Dakota League of Cities has served as a key resource for cities and park districts since the early 1900s when the League of North Dakota Municipalities was organized in Grand Forks. City officials had a vision - they recognized the importance of joining together to speak as one voice for the benefit of all.
Those early city leaders also understood the benefits of sharing experiences. From the account of the first meeting on September 25, 1912: "Another object of the League is to disseminate the information which the different cities may have on these and other city problems, so that when one has met and solved any problem, the other members of the League may have the benefit of its experience, without having to pass through the perplexities and uncertainties of the experimental stage."

Today, the League continues to encourage dynamic local leadership by providing educational opportunities and myriad services to city officials, by connecting resources with needs, and by representing the interests of municipalities in state and federal public policy discussions.
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