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General City Questions

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1. How is the State Aid Distribution Fund allocated?
2. What are the expense allowance rates for travel by city elected officials and employees?
3. What are the largest sources of state revenue to cities?
4. What are the restrictions on the use of funds cities receive through the highway tax distribution fund?
5. What is the city's responsibility for paying city employees who are on military leave?
6. What is the procedure for filling a vacancy on the city governing board?
7. When do laws passed during the North Dakota legislative session become effective?
8. When is a city required to get bids on a public construction project?
9. Can a city's governing board spend public money on advocating for or against a ballot measure?
10. What information needs to be in a city governing body's meeting minutes when they are published in the newspaper?
11. If a city's governing body's minutes are published in the newspaper, when do the minutes need to be provided to the newspaper?
12. Is it permissible for the city governing body to transfer money out of the municipal utilities fund?
13. What procedures must the city follow in order to sell property?
14. When is a city required to obtain bids for a project?
15. What can a city governing board do to get property owners to remove snow from sidewalks in the city?
16. Our city is interested in purchasing water from a rural water system. Does the city governing board need voter approval?