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1. What time period is covered in a city’s fiscal year for budget purposes?
2. When is the city’s deadline for preparing a preliminary budget?
3. What is included in the preliminary budget?
4. Does a city have to show individual employee salaries on our preliminary budget?
5. What type of notice is required relating to the preliminary budget?
6. When is the final budget hearing held?
7. Is there a limit on the amount of mills a city can levy for the general fund?
8. Are any levies allowed besides the general fund levy?
9. Does a city need to provide public notice if it plans to impose a property tax levy in a greater number of mills than a zero increase number of mills?
10. What is procedure for adopting the final budget levy?
11. What is the deadline for submitting the final budget and tax levy?
12. What happens to the final budget after it is adopted?