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Changes to the 45th Edition - Directory of ND City Officials

Changes to the 45th Edition of the Directory of North Dakota City Officials PRIOR TO MAY 1, 2014 are listed in alphabetical order by city.

Anamoose: The address has changed to PO Box 117. The telephon number is now 701-889-3522 and the fax number is 701-465-3689.

Arnegard: Samantha Durham is the city auditor. Bill Hanson is no longer on the city council. Jordon Evert replaced Kevin Chapman as city attorney, Mark Blanchard is the police chief and Sherlene LeFlore replaced Larry Faulkner as park board president.

Berlin: The address has changed to 202 2nd St. N.

Berthold: Chris Burnside replaced Mark Birdsall on the city council.

Beulah: Heather Ferebee replaced Linda Wiedrich as city auditor and Colette Schilling replaced John Phillips as city assessor.

Binford: Ken Gilbertson replaced Myrna Leininger on the city council. Sherry Lind replaced Dawn Leininger as city auditor.

Bottineau: Diane Lorenz and Gary Mortensen replaced Steve Brandt and Troy Marsden on the city council. Wayne Miller replaced Tom Berg as city forester and Deana Defoe replaced Diane Olson as economic development director.

Bowman: Peggy Matheson replaced Judy Pond as city auditor and Bob Wiffler replaced Gerald McLaughlin on the city commission.

Bucyrus: Carmen Schaf replaced Mike Krug on the city council.

Buffalo: Antoinette Babcock replaced Mike Mjor as mayor.

Butte: Stephen Olson Richard Stepp is a new council member.

Cando: Reed Westlind replaced Dean Borstad on the city council. Annette Johnson is the deputy city auditor. Rod Halverson replaced Kerry Moore as building inspector and Moore Engineering replaced Interstate Engineering. Nick Brehm replaced James Thomas and Casey Byram as pubic work and water works superintendents.

: Dan Trosen replaced Doug Schroeder as public works and water works superintendent. James Linderman is the economic development director.

Casselton: Kent Buss replaced Steve Link on the city council.

Coleharbor: Marcus Wertz replaced Frank Blizard on the city council.

Cooperstown: Nancy Lunde replaced Farrah Saxberg as city auditor. Bryan Ressler replaced Ernest Brager (deceased) on the city council and correct spelling for council member Paul Paintner. Nick Vincent replaced Terry Kenninger as fire chief and Brent Ellefson replaced Carolyn Nelson as park board president.

Crary: Kevin Kuntz replaced Laurie Novak as city auditor. The address for the City of Crary is: PO Box 174, Devils Lake, ND 58301

Crosby: Lisa Fredrickson replaced Carol Lampert as city auditor. There is no building inspector. Sherlock Hirning replaced Susan Bummer as city assessor, Pete Furuseth replaced Elizabeth Pendlay as city attorney and Jeff Jeglum replaced Dennis Lampert as public works superintendent.

Dodge: Diane Allmendinger replaced Lisa Pederson as city auditor.

Donnybrook: Nicole Michalenko replaced Gayle Lawson as city auditor and park clerk.

Dunn Center: Matt Lumley replaced Maggie Piatz on the city council. Sadie Lambert replaced Lynette Nodland as city auditor.

Elgin: Tom Iverson replaced Brandon Vaughan on the city council and Tony Ulrich replaced Lynn White as building inspector.

Ellendale: The city council meets the 2nd Monday of the month. Richard Reis replaced Craig Martin and Troy Schilling replaced Gene William on the city council.

Flasher: Sherry Schmidt is the city auditor. Becky Lensegrav replaced Laverne Seehafer as mayor. City commissioners are: Joanie Rossow, Teree Hanson and Donna Schuhrke-Ridl. Peter Breiner is the public work/water works superintendent.

Flaxton: Amy Ones replaced Amber Guzman as city auditor. The city address is 103 First St E, there is no post office box. The city council meets the 1st Tuesday of the month. Gary Cron, Tammy Halverson and Greg Kramer are the city council members. Graham Rutherford is the public works superintendent.

Forbes: Darci Wolff replaced Khristal Stoppleworth as city auditor.

Fort Ransom: The telephone number is 701-710-0575. Krystal Sarki replaced Kristi Anderson as city auditor and Darrel Bjone replaced James Thernes as mayor. Greg Stemen replaced Darrel Bjone and Jerry Johnson replaced Ronald Olson on the city council.

: Gary rust replaced Kenneth Hagen as mayor and Wayne Tangen replaced Gary Rust on the City Council.

Frontier: Neil Krueger replaced Barry Wegner as mayor and Jerry Meier replaced Neil Krueger on the city council.

Gascoyne: Sharon Rice is the city auditor, 302 Western Street is the city's mailing address and the telephone number is 701-275-8862. Donna Eldredge is the correct spelling for council member.

Glen Ullin: Cody Schuelke replaced Charles Hall on the city council.

Goodrich: Mike Gesellchen replaced M. Scott Gesellchen as mayor. Additional city council members are Jason Smith and Karen Feickert.

Golden Valley
: Rachel Greff replaced Krista Richau as city auditor.

Grand Forks: Todd Feland replaced Rick Duquette as city administrator.

Granville: Anita Trana is the new city auditor. Rodney Swallers is a new city council member. Donald Landriault no longer serves on the city council.

Great Bend: Patty Zietlow replaced Paulette Hoeft as city auditor. The new address is 307 Worner Ave and the telephone number is 701-545-7590.

Halliday: Michele Kuntz replaced Diane Allmendinger as city auditor and park board clerk and Linda Gietzen replaced Kelly Allmendinger on the city commission.

Hankinson: James Mikkelsen replaced Jeremy Post on the city council.

Hazen: Monte Erhardt is the city auditor.

Hebron: Vanessa Reim replaced Jade Canen as city auditor.

Hope: Mike Harvey replaced Marcia Mitzel on the city council, Emily Halverson replaced Marcia Mitzel as city assessor and Marvin Splettstoesser replaced Don Anderson as public works and water works superintendent.

Hunter: The telephone number for the city has changed to 701-306-0289.

Kathryn: Russell Engler replaced Robert Anderson on the city council.

Kindred: Sue Kersting replaced Ben Willey (who formerly replaced Verne Wolf) on the city council. Jeff Wanner replaced Wayne Lunder as mayor. Adam Spelhaug replaced Jeff Wanner on the city council and Virgil Muscha replaced Ken Blilie as Fire Chief. Ben Willey no longer serves as parks & recreation director.

Lankin: The city council meets the 2nd Monday of the month. Sean Hjelle replaced Walter Pokrzywinski and John R. Shirek replaced Donald Dvorak on the city council.

Lehr: Daniel Wischnak replaced Sandy Werth on the city council.

Leith: The address is 5645 73rd St SW, Carson ND 58529. Lee Cook and Heather Cook replaced Zach Jenkins and Bethany Jenkins on the city council.

Lidgerwood: Cheryl Grenz replaced Kristin Schafer as city auditor.

Lignite: Lisa Knutson replaced Debra Nelson as city auditor.

Linton: Linda Kelsch replaced Tami Sannes on the city council.

Lisbon: Tammy Soulek replaced Rachel Eppler as city auditor.

Mandan: Shirley Shaw replaced Richard Barta as city assessor and Doug Lalim replaced Richard Barta as building inspector.

: Katherine Swanepoel replaced Tonya Balaban as city auditor.

Mayville: Ray Petersen replaced Paul Johnson on the city council. Gail Olstad is the city auditor and Lori Smith is the deputy auditor.

McVille: Michelle Linstad is the city assessor. Paul Aaser replaced Robert Stanley as mayor and Doug Stein replaced Paul Aaser on the city council.

Michigan: Lauri Rysavy replaced Bernie Linstad as mayor and Robbyn Maresh replaced Rita Hjelseth as city auditor. Michelle Linstad replaced Rita Hjelseth as city assessor and Cathy Westensee-Fisk is civic center manager.

Milnor: Jesse Arth replaced Rodney Stockstad on the city council.

Montpelier: The telephone number is 701-489-3163.

Mott: Pam Steinke replaced Jeri Schmidt as city auditor. Michelle Quamme replaced Dale Zich on the city council and Kimberly Herring is the Librarian.

Mylo: City address is 101 Towner Street and the city council meets the 1st Tuesday. Kent Pearson replaced Mary Jane Henley as mayor and Dawn Pearson replaced Kent Pearson on the city city council.

New Leipzig: Roxann Tietz is a new council member. Theo Stoller replaced Jeff Wruck on the city council and Benjamin Bertsch no longer serves on the city council. There is no city attorney.

New Town: Eileen Zaun is the city auditor/civic center manager and Rebecca Lyson is the deputy auditor. Jay Standish replaced Gerald Odegard and William Oliver replaced Charles "Ed" Strahs on the city council. Darryl Lyson is the public works superintendent.

Niagara Brandon Brueckner no longer serves on the city council and city auditor Jessica Grenz has been replaced with contract CPA services.

Noonan: Bill Espeseth replaced Zachary Verlinde and Tammy Sakrismo replaced Richard Haug on the city commission.

Oriska: Katie Pommerer replaced Norm Erber as city auditor.

Oxbow: Beth Leake replaced Alex Bindas as city auditor. The address is now 844 Riverbend Rd and the telephone number is 701-238-2123. Alex Bindas is no longer the park clerk. The park board president is Steve Losing.

Pembina Kyle Dorion replaced Warren Hillukka as mayor.

Plaza: Dale Butterfield no longer serves on the city council.

Prairie Rose: Greg Holman replaced Penny Kianian as mayor and Christine Laney replaced Greg Holman on the city council.

Rhame: Margie Russ replaced Mandi Allerdings as city auditor. Grace Wood and Bob Waller replaced Mark Erickson and Josh Demorrett on the city council. Jeremey Stotts replaced Jordan Schwarzwalter as public works/water works superintendent.

Ross: Todd Kasmas replaced Andy McGinnis on the city council.

Ryder: Dale Hoffer replaced Kent Janz on the city council. Mary Quillin replaced Amy Leifson as city auditor. The telephone number is 701-338-2315.

Sanborn: The telephone number for city hall is 701-646-6454. Mary Podoll replaced Heather Manson as city auditor and Nikki Grebel replaced Clayton Risser as mayor. City council members are: John Hananberg, Mark Lura, Heather Manson and Kim Franklin.

Sentinel Butte: Kelli Allen replaced Judy Mollendor as city auditor.

Sherwood: Janet Krause replaced Deborah Moucha as city auditor, assessor and parks clerk.

South Heart: Riley Mattson replaced Kari Roller as park board president and Shelly Jacobson is the parks clerk.

St. John: Sarah Bruce replaced Julie St. Germaine as city auditor and Shelly Horning replaced Monte LaVallie as mayor. Nathan Gustafson replaced Shelly Horning on the city council and correct spelling for council member Robert Farhnkopf. Michael Hanlan replaced Rodney Phelps as public works/water works superintendent.

Stanley: Allyn Sveen replaced Bev Gleave as city auditor. Lyne Enget is a member of the city council. Denis Kesterson replaced Ward Heidbreder as building inspector and Jamie Germundson replaced Darin Larson as fire chief.

Streeter: Tracy Voldness is the new city auditor. The telephone number for city hall is 701-424-3372.

Surrey: The City no longer uses a PO Box. The mailing address is 100Pleasant Ave S, 5785

Tioga: Julie Ramos Lagos replaced Jamie Eraas as city auditor. Wade Goldade replaced Judy Heilman on the city commission and Chris Norgaard replaced Harold Sundhagen as Airport Manager. The correct spelling for the police chief is Shannon Duisen.

Towner: Ben Wollenzien replaced Travis Frey on the city commission.

Wales: Rebecca Greene and Charlie Greene no longer serve on the city council. Shelley Ottem replaces Sharon Howatt as city auditor. The telephone number is 701-496-3569 and the mailing address for the city of Wales is 11771 87th St NE, Osnabrock, ND 58269.

Watford City: Peni Peterson replaced Laura Anderson as city auditor.

West Fargo: Mark Wentz replaced Lou Bennett as city commissioner.

: James Snodgrass is both city auditor and city assessor. Ackerman-Estvold Engineering replaced Wold Engineering as city engineer. Jason Klokstad replaced Rick McKay as fire chief and Gayle Lee replaced Delores Gross as park clerk.

Wing: Mary Fischer replaced Joell Bergquist as city auditor.

Wishek: Marilyn Bettenhausen replaced Kim Rath on the city council.

: Deb Zavada replaced Robin Armstrong as city auditor. The telephone number is 701-583-2865. 

Zap: Rhonda Pfenning replaced Chrissy Hochhalter on the city council. Shannon Benjamin no longer serves on the city council. Josh Alyea is the public works and water works superintendent.

ND State Offices (page 18):
Libarary - Telephone number is 701-328-4622

ND Congressional Delegation (page 19):
Senator Heidi Heitkamp replaces Senator Kent Conrad
G55 Dirksen Senate Office Building
Washington, D.C. 20510

Rep. Kevin Cramer replaces Rep. Rick Berg
1032 Longworth House Office Building
Washington, D.C. 20512