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City Matters - City Government Week
Proof 2 Screen Shot 2015-01-22 at 9 02 13 AM.png City Government Week in North Dakota is getting a new look because your City Matters!

City Matters is the new platform for you to showcase your community and share what you do to engage your citizens and keep them informed about the vital services provided them each and every day by their municipal government. In past years we have dedicated one week in April as City Government Week to highlight these efforts. April is not convenient for everyone and many of our cities do things at different times throughout the year that go largely unnoticed by those outside of that community. Promoting city government is a good idea and City Matters celebrates the notion throughout the entire year. 

You may celebrate city government in April, or anytime! What you do for your community does matter and we want to showcase your efforts and share your ideas. Watch for the City Matters logo in future issues of CITYScan to see what’s happening to promote city government across the state. 

Here are a few ideas to get you thinking: 
  • Classroom visits by elected or appointed city official or emergency response personnel.
  • Plant trees in a local park to celebrate Arbor Day and invite the public.
  • Sponsor a community clean-up day for local parks or along roadways in and around town.
  • Showcase your emergency services with a display of fire, ambulance and police units. 

City Matters is an opportunity for you to get involved with your residents by reaching out to the young and old alike with information about the services you provide. Send pictures and a brief description of your activities to Rebecca for publication in CITYScan and let us celebrate with you. We love hearing about the creative things you do. 

Email  to let us know what you have planned in your community.
Follow the links below to access a variety of tools that provide information and ideas to help you get started.

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