City Government Week

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Celebrate what makes your city great!

City Government Week is a special time for city leaders and staff to enhance public awareness of the role local government plays in the lives of citizen’s every day. This is a great opportunity to engage citizens in positive, community-building events.

April 1-5, 2024, has been designated City Government Week in North Dakota, and we encourage all cities to join with the League in celebrating local government. Use this as an opportunity to show off your city! From open houses to city trivia in your local newspaper, participate in any way you can imagine.

Here are a few ideas and resources to get you thinking:

  • Schedule classroom visits by elected or appointed city official or emergency response personnel.
  • Create a one-page fact sheet about your city to give to students. Include information on the history of the city, budget information, form of government, who to call at city hall for which services, etc.
  • Hold a mock city council meeting during a school assembly or civics class.
  • Hold a coloring/art contest for elementary students using photographs that highlight parks, landmarks and other important aspects of your city or utilize the coloring pages provided by the League.
  • Host students for a tour of a significant building or landmark in your city.
  • Hold an If I Were Mayor essay contest or job shadow opportunities with city employees. Contact the League if you'd like copies of the statewide contest essays submitted by students in your city.
  • Sponsor a city trivia quiz or photo contest for residents and ask local businesses to donate prizes.
  • Send your citizens on a scavenger hunt for information and history about your city.
  • Invite local businesses and citizens to a breakfast with city staff.
  • Plant trees in a local park to and invite the public.
  • Sponsor a community clean-up day for local parks or along roadways in and around town.
  • Showcase your emergency services with a display of fire, ambulance and police units.
  • Hold a recognition ceremony for city employees and citizens who have contributed to the betterment of the community.
  • Host a community-wide lunch at a municipal building or park.
  • Make appearances on local radio/television shows to discuss city government.
  • Submit a guest column from the Mayor to your local newspaper and encourage them to prepare a special series on the city and the services it provides.
  • Hold a 5K Fun Run/Walk to showcase your parks and recreation department and facilities. End the race at the city park and include an equipment display or wellness fair.
  • Take your local legislators on a tour of your city. Highlight any progress your city has made and also inform them of areas where you could use assistance.

You can also access the links below which provide a variety of tools to utilize.

Facts About North Dakota Cities
Download and print this PDF that includes some fun facts about ND cities. Include facts about YOUR city when talking to students and citizens.

City Government Basics
Download and print this PDF to share with citizens and students.

Reasons Property Taxes May Change
Download this outline of the factors that affect property taxes to share with citizens.

My City, My Home Activity Book
Download and print this PDF to teach students about local government.

Coloring Book
Download and print coloring pages to share with students for fun or a coloring contest.

Careers in City Government
Help citizens and students learn about careers in city government by sharing these interviews.

     Assessor 1

     Assessor 2

     Auditor 1

     Auditor 2



Disaster Master Game
Help the Heroes! Will you know what to do in a disaster? Make the right decisions and earn points to unlock new levels. But watch out! The wrong choice could end the game. Survive all 7 levels plus a turn in the hot seat and become a Disaster Master! Print out chapters of your own graphic novel as you play.

This activity book features Red Cross character Pedro the Penguin, who demonstrates how to stay safe during a variety of natural hazards. The activity book is designed to be both educational and engaging for young children, offering safety advice alongside crosswords, coloring pages, matching games, and more.

Build an Emergency Kit
You're on a mission! Go through different locations to find what you need for an emergency kit. Will you pick the correct items? Have fun and build a checklist along the way. Hurry! Your family is counting on you.

Drinking Water Activities for Students and Teachers
These materials are meant simply as a guide that you can adapt to create your own unique city celebration. If you need further assistance or have questions, please contact Carissa Richter in the League office at 701-223-3518 or email

We hope you will join your neighbors in celebrating with us. Participate in City Government Week and help to educate our citizens on the good work their local government does for them.

Send pictures and a brief description of your activities to Carissa for publication in CITYScan and let us celebrate with you. We love hearing about the creative things you do! Click here to review city activities from 2023.