MGA Credits

MGA Credits

Click the link below to view MGA credits as of 12.14.2018. Credits are listed for 2018, total credits are listed from the day you became a MGA member.

2018 MGA Credits

Levels of Achievement:
Innovator Award: 30 Credits
Visionary Award: 30 Credits (60 total)
Leader Award: 40 Credits (100 total)
110% Award: 100 Credits (200 total)

Congratulations to the 2017 Leadership Training Program Award Winners!
Those listed below were recognized at March Madness, at the Radisson Hotel in Bismarck.

110% have completed 200 hours of MGA training.
Deborah Banish, Rutland
Cherie Heisler, Harvey
Del Kolke, Riverdale
Karen Nordby, Harvey
Clyde Schulz, Beulah
Amie Vasichek, Lakota

Leaders have completed 100 hours of MGA training.

Juelie Bancroft, Arnegard
Terrie Herbert, Thompson
JoyAnn Holsten, Wing
Jenny Johns, Surrey
Michele Kuntz, Halliday
Duane Magnuson, Valley City
Trish Pearson, Forman
Jessica Peterson, Gwinner
Jeff Russo, Lakota
Ronda Rustad, Ray
Kimberly Shaw, Surrey
Rita Skraba, Pick City
Nancy Thompson, Park River
Mary Wald, Wishek

Visionaries have completed 60 hours of MGA training.
Gwen Crawford, Lisbon
Becky Dunker, Casselton
Marki Ellis, Kenmare
Robyn Larson, Mohall
Sheri Lee, Sharon
Natalie Muruato, Belfield
Gail Olstad, Mayville

Innovators have completed 30 hours of MGA training.

Kristina Dick, Lisbon
McKinzie Jensen, Kenmare
Darla Knutson, Beulah
Jeanne Larson, Beach
Sheri Lee, Sharon
Terrie Nehring, Center
Lisa Plante, Pembina
Sherry Schmidt, Flasher
Jennifer Stewart, Rugby
Sharon Toy, Drake
Reva Weekes, Elgin

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