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Sarah Madussi

Memorializing families for over 100 years, Nelson Granite has become Canada’s largest producer of quarried dimensional stone and manufactured memorial products; from 50-ton blocks of granite to mausoleums, columbariums, monuments, bases for bronze, markers, foundations, etc.

We specialize in columbarium and above-ground interment options for your cemetery. Today, cremation rates in the United States are pushing 60%, making columbariums an essential service for your cemetery. They save space in the cemetery, they contribute to the care and maintenance of the cemetery without adding to the maintenance cost or scope of work and they provide additional revenue for the cemetery, making it easier to maintain but also to budget for the next columbarium. There are many columbariums on the market but only one that will stand the test of time in your cemetery.

You can find Nelson Granite columbariums in cemeteries all over North America. Our operations are based in Northwestern Ontario, where our exclusive granites are quarried and our manufacturing facility is the largest employer in our community. We are a fifth-generation, family-owned and operated business and through our commitment, our determination and our excellent resources, our dedicated team of craftsmen deliver some of the best granite products in the world; products that will stand the test of time as true forever memorials.

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