American Rescue Plan Act


In 2021, cities in North Dakota were appropriated an unprecedent $53.2 million in direct funds from the federal government. Cities have until December 31, 2024 to enter a contract on spending the funds and they have until December 31, 2026 to spend the funds.
Please use the resources below to help your city navigate use of the funds:

U.S. Treasury Final Rule
U.S. Treasury Overview of Final Rule


Cities that accepted APRA funds are required to submit their reports by April 30 of each year.  

North Dakota cities, that received their ARPA money directly from the state, received an extra distribution with their second payment from the money that other cities did not accept. Cities will need to update their ARPA amounts to reflect the amount actually received. Please use this spreadsheet if you are unsure of the amount your city received.

To assist cities in completing their reports, here are a couple of resources on the process for reporting:

Step-by-step walk through of filing the report created by the National League of Cities; and

Simplified video produced by the U.S. Department of Treasury on ARPA reporting.

For help from the U.S. Treasury regarding ARPA reporting questions, contact the help desk at or call (844) 529-9527. 

If you need additional technical assistance with ARPA reporting, please reach out to Linda Lies (, with the North Dakota Office of Management and Budget or Stephanie Dassinger Engebretson (, with the NDLC, by email to set up an appointment.