Utility 2022


Mr. Brian Churchill
Chief of Police, Manitou Springs, CO
Lieutenant, Indianapolis Metropolitan PD
FBI National Academy, Session 260
Business Manager, Utility, Inc.


Utility - A Step Above in Technology and Capabilities

Our BWC system is a force multiplier as a situational awareness tool, critical incident management, real-time crime mapping, communications platform, officer safety component, automation of recordings to remove failed activation from human error and live video offload, eliminating the need for those silly docking stations. During these turbulent times, you need a system that is a force multiplier of what you are already doing, not just a box recording what has already happened.

Utility Products and Services

Just a few of the things that make us unique:

  • Our system has perfected automation. Why are we asking our officers to do something that technology can do for them? Transparency and accountability . . . how much more transparent and accountable can you be when you have a system that is automated. Let the officers do their job . . . we will do the rest.
  • BodyWorn is securely mounted inside the uniform. Never again will your body camera fall off, get broken or lost . . . let alone not record that use of force incident you are now being sued for.
  • BodyWorn Holster Activitation will automatically turn the officers body camera on when their weapon is drawn from the holster.
  • Officer Down Safety Feature. If an officer goes down, the BodyWorn device will alert every officer working and send turn by turn directions to find that officer to save their life.
  • Live View. Command Staff can live view any officer from any location giving real time actionable intelligence. Imagine what you could do with real time intelligence during volatile situations or as your SWAT Team is making entry.
  • Automatic Policy Based Recordings allow you to customize - based on proximity - call nature codes or a number of other actionable items that will trigger the BodyWorn to start recording. This takes the burden off the officer to activate their body camera. How many encounters have your officers not recorded because they forgot to activate their camera or the incident escalated too quickly to allow time for activation. We are the only BWC in the world that can remote activate cameras.
  • No Docking Stations. our cameras wirelessly and continuously offload videos straight to the cloud. Your BWC footage is available in real time in the cloud. Nver again come back to HQ to dock or plug in your camera to offload videos.
  • Unlimite Cloud Storage. All videos wireless and continuously live upload to the cloud for secure unlimited storage. No additional storage fees - true unlimited storage. No more plug and play or docking cameras and waiting for upload.
  • SmartRedaction. Unlimited, simple to use redaction. Redact your videos in seconds, not hours, and not frame by frame.
  • Complete Body Camera and/or In-Car Video System. One complete ecosystem that will power all of your wireless devices within 1,500 feet. No more standalone Mifi's, routers or modems.
  • Automated License Plate Reader (LPR). Our LPR system integrates with our ICV and BWC for one complete ecosystem. Learn More
  • Live and historical GPS on your officer? The most valuable resource you have. Don't you want to know where they are when they can't answer?
  • At Utility, we operate on a SaaS business model where we are selling you a service, not hardware. Never again will you own outdated, antiquated and unsupported equipment. Always supported. Always maintained.
  • We are the ONLY body camera vendor who is endorsed by the NAACP. Endorsement

Below is a video that explains our eco system:

Bernalillo Coiunty NM Sheriff's Office on their experience with Utility:

Never ask an officer to do something technology
can do for them.